Thursday, 5 October 2017

Thing 3

In keeping with the season I decided to upload a nice halloween image from Pixabay.   This was very easy to do having read the instructions from Thing 3.  In my job I tend to do the Mailchimp which is our monthly e-newsletter/brochure of upcoming events in the Library.  I have always used Google images and find that the quality and resolution of the images tends to vary a lot especially when you mess around with the size etc.  I found Pixabay very easy to navigate and because it is public domain there are no issues around copyright as they are free under Creative Commons.  Also being able to refine the image size will be helpful for Facebook as some of the images I use for mailchimp end up being too small for backgrounds to creating events for Facebook.   In general, a very basic and cursory look at this has made me realise that this is a much better way to go than Google images.  

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